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What America's Pastime can Teach us when Searching for an Office - WorkReady Suites

What America’s Pastime can Teach us when Searching for an Office

America’s pastime is something that most of us can agree on.  Even if you don’t have a team or you don’t find it to be the most entertaining sport in the world, most still revel in gathering with friends and family to play or watch the time-honored sport and can enjoy a cold beverage and a warm, delicious hot dog, as is customary.  This past July 4th I had the pleasure of doing just that—enjoying a hot dog, cold beer and baseball with my friends and family.  And as I sat in my seat, basking in the sun, I started to daydream about the lessons we can gain from baseball as it relates to finding a new office.

  1. It’s a team sport. There are 9 positions playing, plus countless others helping to bring home the W. The same is true with the office search.  There are countless hours and vendors that go into setting up the perfect office for you and your staff.  Engage a team to support you through the process.
  2. It’s all in the details. There are over 120 statistics collected in a standard baseball game. That is a lot of data and a lot of details.  The same is true of your office search—there are hundreds of tasks and components to consider when it is time to set up or move your office.  Each nuance is crucial to the success of your new office and no detail can be overlooked.
  3. Strike-outs happen. Striking out is, simply put, a part of baseball.  Babe Ruth held the all-time record for career strikeouts for 35 years, only to be passed by Mickey Mantle who then held the record for 14 years.  Following him came Willie Stargell for 4 years and then Reggie Jackson who has held it for 34 years.  All of these players are considered to be the top players in baseball and are Hall of Famers.  Your office search will see some strike-outs.  You may look at 30 spaces before you find your dream office.  There will be hiccups along the way and things that may not go according to plan, but know that they are part of the game and that strike-outs eventually lead to home runs.
  4. It’s all about getting to home plate. Every baseball player eventually makes it to home plate.  Some get stranded on a base only to start fresh on a new inning.  Sometimes it takes a new game for a player to make it home, but eventually, they always do.  The same is true with your office search.  Like baseball, it is a very long season, so don’t despair and keep your head up.  With the right tools and the right team, the perfect office will be yours soon.

The WorkReady Team is here to support your team when it comes to finding your company a new home.  The season is long, but it does not need to be painful.  Let us help you find the perfect office and take care of all of the details to get your team back up in running as quick as possible.  Contact us today to learn more!


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