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Staying Healthy on the Road - Snacks for Business Travelers - WorkReady Suites

Staying Healthy on the Road – Snacks for Business Travelers

Eating healthy can be a feat during business travels. Meetings, flights, commutes and more meetings make it tough to find time to grab healthy bites. You don’t always have the convenience of a refrigerator, and maybe you’re not into carrying a lunch tote for cold items. But eating out while on-the-go can be unhealthy, expensive and time consuming. We get it! As a commercial real estate firm with partners in Washington D.C., Baltimore and Chicago, we’re on-the-go.  A LOT. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of our favorite room-temperature, healthy snacks for when we are on the road.

Here are eight healthy snacks for business travelers that don’t require a refrigerator:

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit is an excellent option for business people on-the-go. Choose a fruit that doesn’t need preparation and is easy to clean up, like bananas, apples, grapes or pears.  Spice it up a bit with a nut butter packet to spread on your fruit!

Dried kale

Don’t like kale?  Well, you havent tried dried kale! This highly addictive snack comes in various flavors, like nacho cheese or ranch, and its crunchiness makes it a great alternative to chips.

Snack crackers

You can’t go wrong with snack crackers! Grab your favorite brand, or make your own snack crackers by spreading a nut butter onto crackers, then packing them in a sandwich bag.

Granola bars

With so many granola bars on the market, you’re sure to find a flavor you love. Hitting up the healthy snack area of your grocery store instead of the cereal aisle will give you plenty of high-protein, healthy granola/snack bar options.


Another healthy snack for business travelers is jerky. There has been a resurgence in America with artistan jerkey hitting stores everywhere so there are plenty of delicious options to choose from. And with jerky packed full of protein, it’s a filling snack.  You can even opt for a lighter option, like turkey jerky, to sacrifice calories, but not flavor.

Chips and Salsa

Chips and salsa makes a great snack if you’re on the go, as long as you’re not driving! Single serving salsa cups don’t need to be chilled, and they make for an easy clean up – just toss them in the trash!

Mixed nuts

Most nuts are high in protein and fat, so don’t grab them by the handful, but in moderation (especially the ‘natural’ nuts witout added fat and salt) they are an excellent snack. Try them as a stand alone snack or paired with another item, like fresh fruit, for a filling, well-rounded snack.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit is an excellent healthy snack for business travelers who often crave something sweet. Not only are dried fruits healthy in moderation, but their sweetness is so satisfying. Raisins and dried pineapples, apples, cranberries, kiwis and bananas are some of our favorites.


Popcorn can be delicious without movie theatre butter drizzled all over it. (I know, you’re thinking “No way!”) White cheddar or lime and salt popcorn are great options without the extra calories.  Being from the DC Metro area, we also love ours sprinkled with some Old Bay! Pick up pre-popped, travel-sized popcorn bags or make your own bag to go! Simply pop your favorite popcorn, let it cool, add your seasoning then place it to sandwich bags.


Whether you travel often between cities or are running to meetings across town, eating healthy doesn’t have to be a challenge for business people. Slip any of these healthy snacks into your bag, along with a bottle of water, and you’ll be prepared for whatever the day brings.

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